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My Book

Wild Awakening is an uplifting and moving story of how a series of events culminated in a single defining moment that changed a young mother’s life forever. Standing on Tower bridge, holding her baby, ready to jump, was Mary Daniels’ darkest moment.


This book tells the story of what happened next, the journey to ‘self’ that she never saw coming and the discovery of nine simple, yet powerful questions that truly saved her life.

An inspiring speaker, powerful storyteller and original ‘wild woman’, Mary reveals 9 powerful questions that not only saved her life, but have gone on to become a transformative process for so many others.


Whether you are new to the world of personal growth or looking to deepen your spiritual journey, this process has an amazing way of meeting you where you are at, and naturally guiding you to where you want to be.


This is the ideal guide for real people, living real lives, who are looking for a ‘doable’ daily practice for lasting change.



 "I have just finished reading your wonderful book and wanted to say thank you so much for writing it! You are an incredible person Mary and I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with you. I have come away so inspired by your courage and integrity and wisdom. I used some of your nine questions to reflect on my own life this summer and found the process incredibly helpful."

E Bidston, Author

Mary your book is spectacular!

I want to applaud you with a big heart for sharing your story in such intimacy and detail, reading your story was humbling and healing - thank you!


Mary you are a fabulous writer. Your voice is so strong and so authentically you. I love it and so will the world. I know the Universe will take care of the success of this beautiful story which will help thousands of women across the world in amazing way!


JD, London

"This is a gripping spiritual memoir of how to move from surviving to thriving. Mary's voice heals the reader as she tells her amazing story with such courage and humility. The nine questions provide a healing map for women on a journey of recovery of all kinds. This is a book that will change and transform lives and I am so glad Mary wrote it."

Jackee Holder - Spiritual seeker, writer, coach and journal passionista! 

​​Your story is incredible!!!!!!!!!!
How the hell have you become such a force of nature superstar that u are!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

Tony T

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