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Part 1 ~ That feeling... little girl

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

How to speak 'that' feeling?

The one that stings, and leaves deep scars.

The silent glare, the harsh remarks.

How to speak 'that' feeling?

How to name ‘that’ feeling?

The one that cuts - oh - sooo - deep,

Disturbs your waking, and your sleep,

How to name 'that' feeling?

She knowsthat’ feeling,

little girl.

She knows 'that' feeling,

all - too - well.

The one that kept her up all night,

The one that made her shake with fright.

The one that made her duck and flinch

The one that stole her voice, her sight

The one that left her lost and numb,

The one that almost cost her son.

The one that swallowed all his lies,

The one that nearly stole her life.

She knows ‘that’ feeling,

all too well.

She knows 'that' feeling,

little girl.

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