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Part 2 ~ Those feelings...grown girl

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Part 2 - Those Feelings

How to feel 'those' feelings?

The emotions, anger, and the pain,

Emptiness, sadness. screaming rage.

How to feel 'those' feelings?

It's in the stars, within my cells,

The moon, the sun, the weighted air.

The tip of my tongue, the palm of my hands

Those sweet and sour feelings.

How do you feel 'those' feelings?

I have no clue,

I breathe,

I smile,

I love,


I try,

and slowly feel 'those' feelings.

I let them in,

I spit them out.

They twist and turn,

No clear way out. How do you feel 'those' feelings?

I have no clue, pray tell me - you What are the things I need to do? For I am desperate, keen to know, How do you feel, your feelings?

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