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Despite having worked with several people, either on a one-to-one basis or within organisations, I am always excited when I take on a new client as I know I will be learning from them as much as I hope they will be learning from me and my way of working and being.    

My Background: A trained coach and facilitator of over 20 years, I first started getting involved in the world of personal growth, public speaking, facilitation and training at a very young age. I have had quite a colourful journey over the years, attracting a kaleidoscope of speaking, facilitating and coaching opportunities and clients.


What I do

Utilising the power of real conversations, storytelling, numerology, presence (mindfulness) and play, I support my clients to know themselves better, (increased self awareness and understanding of purpose), love themselves more (connection and self-care), fully be themselves (true power) and show up - basically live(inspired leadership and real service)!


Who I work with

Over the years I have worked with a real mix of clients; from professionals, leaders, students, start-ups, young people, young offenders/ex-offenders, to women's groups, social enterprises, charities, trustees and CEOs.


I have also spoken at a variety of events, from work places trainings and International conferences, to festivals, in schools and universities and at inspirational seminars and mind body spirit events. 


How I work

My style and way of working is always in response to my client’s needs and the situation as it presents itself. I am not someone who believes in telling people what to do. I inherently believe asking the right questions, listening to their answers and collaboratively working with people to meet or support their needs is a lot more powerful; it also lead to real relationships and lasting change.


How Much?

I don’t advertise my prices because I do not want my rates to be a reason why people don’t get in contact. If my style and your needs are a good fit then, depending on what you are looking for, I am sure we will be able to make it work in some way.


Warning: I am not a salesperson, can be slow on emails, depending on how busy I am, and can be a bit of a disaster when it comes social media DM replies, (hence my amazing PA). So if you have questions, please feel free to ask, we are super chilled and my team.happily work on the basis that the right people, at the right time, will say yes, it seems to have worked wonderfully well so far 😉


How do I get started?

To enquire about my coaching, consultancy and facilitation services or to book me as speaker/storyteller please email my team at


I look forward to hearing from you when/if the time feels right.  


All the best,


Danielle Krage, The Remote Speaker Coach

“Mary is an incredibly powerful speaker who has the rare ability to inspire an audience with both beauty and humour, in her own way.”

Jess Abis - Founder of 100% Natural Foods

“Mary has a rare gift of being deeply intuitive and through her grounded and unfailingly honest support, she empowers you to connect to your own sense of embodied truth.”

Seth – Founder and CEO of 42 Acres & Be The Earth

“Mary is an absolute heart opening joy and pleasure to work with, her guidance and insight supported me hugely on my own personal journey.”

Chris – Managing Director

“Over a 3-month period I discovered a lot about myself, improved my relationship with leadership, feel more relaxed and open to opportunities in life. I also have a deeper sense of what purpose can mean.”

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